Most of my knowledge gained was out of necessity, and total love of my job, while traveling the world as a chef on private yachts. Over a period of 14 years I got to see some of the most amazing places, & cultures. My job involved creating breakfast, lunch and dinner for the guests & crew and the skill was keeping it interesting every day.

Each new port influenced the flavours of lunch or the next few days at sea. The ingredients were fresh, seasonal and sometimes limited so I had to work hard to feed a hungry crew.

In the hot climates, salads were always appreciated but I needed to create something that was also substantial enough to fuel a hard working deck crew. In remote locations I would be working with the same ingredients over and over, I began to teach myself how I could use these but create different flavours and dishes. I challenged myself once to create a different salad everyday for 2 months!

One of my jobs was on the beautiful sail yacht Adele of which I was chef for 2 years. We traveled the world to locations such as Costa Rica, Bali and Singapore for months at a time with very little choice of ingredients to work with. The crew could be as many as 14 with a variety of dietary requirements, this in combination with vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and diabetes meant I had to be very creative in order to create dishes that were suitable for so many people.

Some of the more remote locations, like Galapagos and French Polynesia which I travelled to on a yacht called Charlatan, had sparse ingredients which encouraged me to be to become a more creative chef. I taught myself how to take a simple ingredient and add natural healthy flavours such as ginger, garlic and chilli to elevate it to a new level.

It was this that has encouraged me to create an ethos of great healthy food that has that wow factor, making the ingredients more, making salads king of the table and not just a side plate, “making salads more.”

When I think of salads I think of my dad. My dad hates salad, to him it means boring and tasteless, I don’t think my dad is alone in his beliefs, ‘salad’ has this reputation for so many people.

This was why I wanted to start So Salata. I want to share my experience and my creativity for salad and show that salad can be so much more then just leaves, it can be something to crave.

– Katherine Flavell

Amazingly fresh, incredibly tasty and healthy ingredients made into brilliant salads. Katherine is so accommodating and helpful. I can’t wait to return. A definite 10 out of 10. Thank you.
Alex Knight-Smitheram

Thank you so much for the lovely salads, they went down a treat in the office, especially the Winter Wonder, in fact they were all amazing! I never thought a salad could taste that good.
Victoria Harper-Read, Facebook visitor

Amazing Salad!! Was great today when I couldn’t get away from my desk at work. (And didn’t have to make it in the morning). Thanks Kat!!
Tom Hustler – Facebook, visitor